Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Does Your Trucks for Sale guarantee the sale of my listings?

We do not guarantee the sale of your listing.

How do I change my address, email or phone number on my ad(s)?

Login into your account using your email address and password there is an Edit Profile button to change all necessary information concerning your account.

I have forgotten my ID and or Password?

There is an automated way to receive your ID and or Password. Go to Forgot your password? And enter your email address.

How do I replace a photo on my ad?

Your Trucks for Sale has given you the freedom to delete or replace your photo or photos through the term of your ad.

Can I delete my ad?

Yes, this is a simple process. Log in using your email and password. Once your account has opened up you will see a list of your items on the far right is a Delete button. Remember once you delete your ad there is NO way to retrieve it. This is permanent please make sure this is what you want to do.

I registered for an account but I am not sure how to place my ad?

Your Trucks for Sale has made the website very user friendly along with simple navigation here are a few simple instructions after you register:

  1. Click Post An Ad
  2. Fill out information
  3. Click submit ad. All ads are reviewed and approved by Your Trucks For Sale before becoming live on the web site.

How do I edit my ad?

In your admin click Listing Summary under Actions click edit.

Does Your Trucks for Sale offer a renewal notice before my ad expires?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being efficient and you will receive a renewal notice via email approximately two weeks before your ad expires.

How do I renew my ad without having to reload all my information and photo's?

Login to your admin, go to Listing Summary and click the renew icon next to the ad in the Renew column.

My email address has changed how do I change that in my profile?

Login to your admin click “Your Account” click a field to edit you can then change any information listed including your email. REMEMBER: this will change your login for You will need to use your new email to log in to our site.

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